About me

About me

Hauke Kock was born in Northern Germany. As a child, he fell into a cask of ink and hasn’t been able to stop drawing since then. Following his fate he studied Graphic Design, and started working as both an illustrator and author.

Hauke has worked on books on numerous different themes, such as dinosaurs, vampires, monsters, Romans, Vikings, knights, and many more. He also painted pictures of non-fiction history contents for museum exhibitions, did a lot of gamebook illustrations and created a large number of characters for tabletop strategy games.

In the rare leisure time he is not working in his studio, Hauke likes to read novels, comic books, and watching films. Or he is out for visiting art exhibitions. Or to rummage in a bibliothek. Or for running rapidly through the lovely landscape at the East Coast of Schleswig Holstein.

Hauke lives with his wife and three children near Kiel, Germany

To have a look on his children book illustrations or non-fiction works please visit